Keep Your Indoor Air Fresh with AC Duct Cleaning in Centerville, GA

At Gillman Heating and Air, we do the heavy lifting for you so you can breathe fresher air and enjoy a more comfortable home in Centerville, GA.

Our cleaning solutions wipe out dust, allergens, mold and bacteria. These particles can build up inside your HVAC equipment—and diffuse across your rooms. This can exasperate respiratory symptoms for family members with allergies or asthma.

What’s Included in Duct Cleaning?

Our team will:

  • Inspect your unit before cleaning. This helps us confirm there aren’t dangerous materials inside your HVAC equipment.
  • Run either high-efficiency particle air (HEPA) vacuum equipment or a vacuum to release particles outside your home.
  • Sweep and clean your ducts. We’ll get rid of particles and impurities while keeping your equipment safe.

We’ll help keep your home pristine throughout the maintenance by using protective drop cloths around our work areas.

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